Doron Aurbach
Dr. Doron Aurbach is a full professor in the department of Chemistry, leading the electrochemistry group (40 people, the biggest research group in Israel), a senate member at Bar-Ilan University (BIU), Ramat-Gan, Israel. He chaired the department of chemistry during 2001-2005. Aurbach found the electrochemistry group at BIU 30 years ago. 40 PhD and 70 MSc students that worked in Aurbach’s group received their degrees since then. His team studies the electrochemistry of active metals, non-aqueous electrochemical systems, develop spectroscopic methods (in situ and ex situ) for sensitive electrochemical systems and develop rechargeable high energy density (Li,Na,Mg,Al) batteries, EDL capacitors and batteries for load leveling applications. D. Aurbach published so far more than 500 peer reviewed papers, (more than 28500 citations, H index of 85, Google, Oct. 2015), 25 patents, 19 chapters in books and presented his scientific work in hundreds of invited talks in international conferences. He serves as a senior editor in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society (JES). He is a fellow of the ECS (2008), ISE (2010) and MRS (2012). He is the head of Israel national research center for electrochemical propulsion (INREP, found in 2012) and the chairman of the Israeli national authority for labs accreditation (since 2010). He received the Israel Chemical Society prize for excellence (2012) ECS battery division technology award (2005) and research award (2013), E.B. Yeager prize of the International Battery Association IBA (2014).